Library Day!

Today was the monthly “library day” Beth started last month with a group of young MKs who all live in the city of Querétaro (none of them with our mission).  There were 10 out of 12 in attendance today, including a few very young MKs, but education starts early…it begins at the beginning, right?

Beth taught a brief lesson. To be honest, I only heard bits of it from the office as I was studying. Sounded like a LOT of noise…and I think the kids learned something new about something! I heard a parent or two chime in that they had learned something new too! I poked my head out there long enough for a quick picture and for everyone’s safety retreated to the office. 🙂

The kids love the library. They were so excited to be here again! One little girl asked Beth how many books she could check out and Beth told her, “As many as your Mommy will let you take.” Apparently, she decided upon a mountain of books, but her mommy had her put away about half of them, and said something like, “We’ll be back in a month! You can get more then.” It’s refreshing to see the young children’s books being checked out again and with such enthusiasm!

We are now known by some young MKs as the “Library Lady,” “Library Man,” and “Library Boy.”

Love it!



EDIT (snagged some cell phone pics off a FB post of one of the moms)…


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