‘Tis the Season…

No need to really tell you because you know what season it is, but I’m making a list (though I’m not going to check it twice)…

  1. Post-Thanksgiving…still eating turkey and other leftovers.
  2. In Mexico, if there ever isn’t a time, it is now officially “drinking season” (box stores devote large sections of floor space to all kinds of alcohol/liquor).
  3. Per #2 above, our semi-gated community neighbors tend to give the stores more sales; we sometimes get an invite to visit with a neighbor while being offered all kinds of drinks that we decline as politely as possible.
  4. Per #2 above again, our semi-gated community watchmen tend to stay warm by consuming a bit more of the tipsy stuff; should they have to engage three potential bad guys, my advice to them would be to aim for the middle one.
  5. Per #4 above, I walked past the watchman on-duty a couple hours ago and was hoping he didn’t decide to light a match…wow…from about 20 feet away, I thought he might be the source of a gasohol leak.
  6. We had a good turnout tonight for our weekly church service, and we continued our study of Acts and the church, but also added Advent week #1, “Hope.”
  7. Cameron comes home in 20 days! (pray for him as he’s in the last 2 weeks of classes at MBI and then his first ever “finals week,” followed by his first time to fly alone)
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