the garden

While doing some Monday reading in the office earlier today, I noticed the little bird continues to frequent the lime tree. He apparently has a companion that joined him today. They seem to be doing a good job of feasting on a lot of insects that I can’t see from inside the house.

I pulled out my camera and recognized the battery was finally running down. I wanted it to discharge as much as possible, so I fooled around with the settings, turned on the screen view, took a bunch of pics, and did all I could to run down the battery as quickly as possible.

In the process, I realized how difficult it is to take a decent picture of a small animal that moves quickly. Not only is the quick movement a challenge, but the lighting situation with so much shade makes it even more difficult. A slower shutter speed is required for more light, but then such a fast moving subject becomes blurry when the shutter speed is slowed. This is where expensive lenses must come into play…in theory. I’m not rich and famous, so I will content myself with either blurry, lit photos, or dim, clear, and grainy photos, or clear, lit, and very distant photos from a non-zoom lens that will keep the small subject invisible to the eye. At least, that’s how I’ve reckoned the situation to be using my current knowledge and skillset of photography.

Here are a few of the shots that managed to capture something somewhat artistic. You should be able to find a little bird in at least three of these pics.

1-_dsc6532 2-_dsc6540 3-_dsc6555 4-_dsc6572 5-_dsc6564 6-_dsc6566


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