Second Honeymoon – Part 3 (the spectacular, awesome, and inspiring conclusion)

At this point, both of you still reading this thread are probably gullible enough to get your hopes up for such a conclusion, so I figure I don’t have much to lose in describing it this way, other than your future trust in my posts. Hey, there’s always a chance you’ll forget the letdown though!

So, the getaway finally did gotaway, and we headed back to Puebla on Friday in order to be able to attend the closing Saturday morning chapel at the PCS SEC 2017 and to pick up somebody. Oh yeah. Our son…DDaDuh?…no…Day…oh that’s right, Dayton and his buddy Ben. (Ha…after a few days without him…almost forgot his name! Not really, but our memory isn’t what it never was before that’s for sure.)

It’s a fun thing to arrive at the camp on Saturday morning. The kids are still fairly energetic despite nearly four days of camp, and that last night is usually a little on the late side (Ben calculated he got about 4 hours of sleep. Dayton apparently got more than that, but I never heard his final calculation.) Other parents are arriving, and it’s neat to watch some of the kids give their dad and/or mom a hug and express joy at seeing each other. Dayton isn’t a hugger. He’s never been a hugger. Ever. Nonetheless, both of us somehow sort of got a hug from him that morning. Makes it all the more worthwhile, I guess, although I’m good with just 4 days of the boy away at camp even without a hug!

I asked the two boys if they’d like to come back for next year’s camp, and Ben pensively replied, “I think I might like to.” Dayton simply said, “Yeah.”

So, we had the closing chapel. Dayton’s team was announced as the winner of the points race for the week. Not bad for a first time at camp (though 180 kids divided into 4 teams presumably means he had 44 other teammates!). We, or rather the students, sang a few songs from the week (the video at the bottom of this post will give you a taste of their “seed of faith to move mountains” song and a snippet of the camp speaker’s summary message based on Philippians 1:21, the “to live is Christ and to die is gain” passage; I love that verse too).

BTW, the speaker in the video clip is Jonathan Smith, a.k.a. “UJ” which is short for Uncle Jonathan. He has been the youth speaker for the past several years at our MK Camp as well. In fact, he is coming next week to speak to our youth here too, and he may also speak in our house church just after the end of our MK Camp. We’re looking forward to all of it.

The conclusion, I have to say, is all pretty basic and simple:

  • There are no “getaways” in our spiritual journey, though we do need to rest, and for those of us who are married, we do need to cherish our spouse and spend some time alone with each other.
  • There are no vacations from God, our relationship with Jesus, nor from loving people and having compassion on those who are in need either physically or spiritually.
  • Our life is short. Make it count. Don’t check out early. There is no spiritual retirement. Heaven is not only our finish line for this sin-shortened physical life, but it’s also our starting line for an endless, tireless, spectacular, and awesome life in the glorious presence of God. (This should be inspiring!)
  • We will never re-live the past for even a moment, the present will not last but for a passing moment, and the future will come all too fast as if it had been only a moment away.
  • All that will take place in eternity will do so because of God’s eternal purpose, plan, and the actions of faith bound within His purpose and plan. The mountains of eternal consequences and rewards are moved only by the faith actions of our lifetimes (and of all who believe). How hard is it to simply believe God? By our God-centered faith, He will make the mountains move. Trust, believe, and let’s move them!

So truly, to live is Christ, for Christ is our life, and there is no life outside of or apart from Christ. And to die is gain because our gain through death is the actual, living presence of Christ, and there is nothing more valuable and lasting than this.

That is the ultimate, eternal getaway, when the Savior will cherish his Bride, and the Bride will cherish her Savior, and the mutual, glorious delight will never end, never disappoint, never lose its luster, and not one who is chosen will ever be left out, not even for a few days of camp.

  • Amen.




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1 Response to Second Honeymoon – Part 3 (the spectacular, awesome, and inspiring conclusion)

  1. Beverly Heaney says:

    Hey dude! It don’t put me to sleep!!! So precious to see all those kids worshiping God! I love the blog! It is impossible to get away from God and His desires/ intent for our lives. That’s not a bad thing, even when I’ve tried to get away from Him, He is patient and loving to wait for me to come back and seek His will. Things always go much more smoothly when I do and the reward is a genuine peace and joy that is incomparable! When we seek opportunity to serve He allows us the privilege. Seeing Him glorified, in the smallest of things is so gratifying.

    Liked by 1 person

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