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Since we’re back in Dallas with a few days to rest, see doctors, visit with friends, we’re also able to borrow the mission’s pass to the Dallas Arboretum. It’s a world-class facility, a great place to walk and take pics, and on Wednesdays for much of the year, the place is open 3 hours longer than the rest of the week (til 8 p.m.). So, we remembered this today and enjoyed an early evening stroll.

What I did not expect was to discover that their current special display is rock sculptures with an African appeal to them. In fact, they’re not just reminiscent of Africa, they’re from Africa and are accompanied by several Africans. The best part of that surprise is that they’re from Zimbabwe! That means a lot to me since I spent a summer in that lovely country way back in 1988. I struck up a conversation with one of the two sculptors and re-discovered some memories and words and places and a lot of neat things to talk about. It really was a special treat. I’m hoping to connect with these two guys and take them out to dinner this weekend if they have time. Aron and Passmore are their names.

And I took a few pics…

Not to embarrass anyone in particular, but one of us whose name starts with the initial BETH thought that this small sign was informing us of the name of the large-leafed plants that surrounded it…while…I was looking just a couple feet behind the sign at the large sculpture (see pic below) thinking…I don’t think that sign is telling us something about these plants…

Passmore (on left) and Aron (on right)


For the benefit of any of my college friends who might remember my trip to Zimbabwe, I believe these birds above are “African owls.” 😉


The psalmist referred to the trees of the field clapping their hands. If he could only have looked into the future to see what trees are seeing these days.


Love observing all the photo shoots going on at the arboretum…there were several quinceñeras (like the one above), a couple of family shoots, and a few brides (a.k.a. snow beasts) getting their pics taken.


The woman’s name is “Roma,” and the man’s name is “Greco,” and  and this is what is known as “wrasslin'”…Greco-Roma wrasslin’.  HA!


 I didn’t notice the sign for this sculpture. Beth called her “Medusa.” My first thought was “Funyuns.”


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