Mansfield, Ohio

Took a brief ride around town this evening with our gregarious host (who is also an elder from the church we’re visiting with this Sunday). Most of these pics I simply leaned out of the car window a little and took a quick snap. They’re not the best and I really saw some really interesting scenes that I would have loved to snap in b&w. To be honest, the downtown area of this city has a few pockets of upgrades and improvements, but most of it is slummy, Detroit-ish, and hard to look at. But, there were exceptions, and to be honest, the depressing images were fascinating to me. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time and it wasn’t a good time of day to be wandering through some rather scary-looking places. Maybe another time.

If you don’t know it, the movie, Shawshank Redemption was filmed here. Unfortunately, it was late in the evening and the gates were closed and there just wasn’t a good spot from which to take good pics (I managed to poke my camera through a small gap in the gate front gate). There is also a race track nearby. Have you ever noticed how many wires hang all over the townscapes in the USA? I guess it isn’t just third-world countries that have that problem.

Anyway…a few images around these parts:



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