I wrote the following post* on Facebook today. I’ll share it here because I know a few of you who visit here don’t do Facebook (or we just haven’t crossed paths on FB yet). Life here in Puebla, Mexico is interesting. We’re really enjoying our new house. The location is interesting too. We see interesting things from time-to-time. Here is a taste of what I mean….

So, a bit ago Bethie and I were driving back from dropping off a couple of Mexican brothers at an apartment that is less than a mile from here but across a major road.

The neighborhood looks quite a bit different over there. More gang symbols spray painted on houses, walls, buildings, signs, etc. Young kids riding their bikes on the streets and sidewalks. Youth looking at their phones (like where in the world does that not happen?!). Saw a young guy trying to plant a kiss on a girl who wouldn’t let him (that was amusing). Most buildings don’t seem painted, most doors are metal and painted black. All concrete block construction of everything.

We turned a corner about 2 blocks directly across from our house, and there presenting themselves were two, brand-spanking new vehicles parked on an equally nondescript street.

One was an exotic Mercedes sports car, silver in color. In front of it was a decked out, silver, all chrome trim Ford pick-up truck.

As we drove by (and I instinctively and unconsciously angled our van over the center toward the opposite side of the street), we couldn’t help but notice there were no people on this street. Not a single kid on a bike, no one walk walking on the sidewalks, not even a pair of kissing teenagers like we’d seen for multiple blocks before this. Not a soul.

Not a soul, except for 3 or 4 men. Big men. Dressed in suits. One standing at the rear of the Mercedes. One standing at the front of the pickup. One standing directly in front of the door of the nondescript building where the vehicles were parked. There may have been another man on the sidewalk as well. All of the men were facing the street, eyes gazing back and forth. They noticed us and took a good look at us as we passed. We passed and tried not to look interested despite being fascinated by the unexpected scene.

My guess is we just encountered a meeting of the area drug lords.

Now I really wonder what those special forces guys were doing in front of our house earlier today.

Who knows…maybe I shouldn’t even be posting this. Oh well, I don’t think my FB friends will nark on me…and now you can be fascinated too.


(*I was going to copy and paste two posts from Facebook, however, I discovered that the first post in which I mentioned that there were some special forces dressed in black with black masks and impressive hardware has disappeared from my Facebook feed. It appears that either I somehow didn’t post it (but I remember seeing it post and show up) or the FB folks decided I wasn’t allowed to post that and conveniently deleted it for me (that apparently happens at times). I don’t know but at least now I’ve made that observation known. I just thought it was interesting. I think they were temporarily parked out front visiting a neighboring business for some reason or another.)


Oh, and after arriving home for a brief drive across the road, Dayton and I climbed up the stairs to the roof for a final vista of the day. How could anyone get tired of seeing this? Amazing…


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