Birthday Parties and Fly Fishing

Saturday (yesterday) was one of those birthday party days we have once in awhile.  I told Beth that in my family a birthday party was pretty much a once-in-a-lifetime deal, like when we turned 16.  We didn’t really do birthday parties.  Down here, every birthday is a party.

So, in the morning we had a little party for Reuben H. who turned 4.  He is quite the little character and as cute as they come.  We arrived late and left late…which worked out fine because we arrived late and left late at the following party too. 

That one was a trifecta party for Juan, Cristian and Nayelli (good luck spelling that one correctly…I’m not sure I did).  Juan is the dad and C&N are the kids.  We met at a “swimming park” which is basically a clean, thermal water cattle tank.  I don’t like swimming much so I didn’t bother but Beth was in for awhile and both our boys swam most of the time there and Dayton especially looks like a little lobster this morning.  

The local church has used this as a baptismal place.  It’s surrounded by cornfields and cattle.  We were more immediately surrounded by flies.  We had a little contest at our table on who could catch a fly.  I discovered a technique that worked well for killing them…I lost track at 15 kills.  I call it “fly fishing.”  Nothing like fun party games to entertain and amuse!

We arrived late to this swimming and “fly fishing” party at about 2 p.m. (it started at 11 a.m.) and we were easily among the first fourth of attendees to arrive.  We almost left at 6 p.m. (we had been hoping to leave around 5 p.m.), but just then the cake that had been mentioned a couple hours earlier finally arrived.  I began to think there wouldn’t be a cake.  So, we stayed for the cake formalities and were able to leave just before 7 p.m. 

We enjoyed it all but it was a lot more birthday partying than I really care for in a month.  That attitude would make me an “aguasfiestas” which is a real Spanish word meaning “party pooper.”  At least you learned something new at my expense.  🙂  Nonetheless, we love our friends and are glad they’ve been blessed by God with another year of life.  May we all grow in Christ another year together.

That pretty much was our entire day.  Got home in time to make final preparations for our final work team of the summer…that will have to be another post.


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