Turning Things Around

Just another picture post from our ongoing week of being tourists with our visiting family.  We visited the nearby state capital city of Querétaro today.  Beth’s sister has most of her Mexico memories (albeit distant memories now) from this city.

To start with we had breakfast downtown with one of the earlier church leaders (with his wife and daughter), and then we did the street shopping thing, followed by a quick vista of the aqueduct.  From there we drove across town for the best tacos we know of in the area, and topped it off by dropping in for a quick visit with our teammates, the Smiths.

One thing we saw downtown was another of these huge letter signs that spells out the name of the city and state.  One problem with getting a good photo of this: They placed the sign facing a street that takes a 90 degree turn right in front of the sign.  To make that worse, there was some sort of black official security vehicle standing in front of the sign…we couldn’t get a straight-on shot of it (with family seated or leaning on the letters).   So, we took our pics from an awkwardly angled direction.

Hmmm…as we walked away I wondered what a picture from the back would look like (yup…exactly like it looks from the back):


When I got home and imported the pics, I wondered if I couldn’t flip this pic using whatever photo software I have on-hand…ahh…the Gimp is a great freeware program, although a little complicated to use for a novice like me, but I figured it out in a few minutes…pretty cool eh?:

1-1-IMG_2629_flippedNow, why didn’t they simply face the sign toward the plaza in the first place?  We should have taken our pics with family facing the back side of the letters and then flipped it like this!  Ah well.

Here’s what we got in case you’re curious:



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