Hymns We’re Learning

If God works through our weaknesses and frailties, then I have no excuse for Him not to work a lot through me. An awful lot.

One of my seemingly endless lists of weaknesses is my lack of musical training in any language: musical, English, Spanish, Greek, and so on. That makes Sunday worship services a challenge for me as I want our local body of believers to learn and know and come to absorb good Christian hymns and songs.

I could write a few chapters about the contextual challenges from this point on, but I’ll skip to the end and just say that whenever I get a chance, I search YouTube for anything that looks and sounds and reads usable. Since I am unable to read, play, and lead music, I let someone else do that. If a song has good lyrics, the music not overly distracting (if at all…beggars can’t be too choosy), the key is singable, the lyrics are on the screen and readable, and a few more criteria, we might try it out.

Here’s a new one to me, and we’ll be singing it in a few hours for the first time together. You might know it in English (I’ll post the English version first). I have to admit it’s lovely in English. I also have to admit, the Spanish version is hands-down (or up, if that’s your style) beautiful. I hope you’ll listen to both.

Good music, good words, good worship.

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2 Responses to Hymns We’re Learning

  1. Beth says:

    Did you know that many of the songs and hymns from Celebremos su gloria are on Youtube? You may have to scroll to fiind them. They’re accompanied by a powerpoint and Sara Musgrave’s piano playing. Not exciting music, but nice. Just a thought.


  2. Jon Dewald says:

    Know it and love it! >


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